AIS 140 Approved Devices

YAAR IT Solutions is a leading GPS based Fleet Tracking solutions provider, providing end to end solutions which helps you monitor and regulate your vehicle. Makes it easier for you to locate and track any vehicle any time.

Made In India

We have a wide range of world-class ARAI, and AIS 140 GPS approved GPS tracking devices which adds value to our clients for having a high grade and reliable device making it easier and these devices are being mandatory to be installed in all public passengers vehicle from 1 April 2019 so grab the opportunity and make your business bigger.


Key Features

Some of the key features and specification of GAGAN-01 ARAI, IRNSS Certified AIS 140 GPS APPROVED GPS Tracking Devices are:

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We are using YAAT IT's GPS Tracking system and their servies are out of the box.

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We are using YAAR IT's fuel cards and their recharge service is very quick and fast.

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